Sudden Flame

Небольшой комикс о том, как раненому Финроду является видение о судьбе Ангрода и Аэгнора.

Sudden Flame part 1
by ~hrymfaxe on deviantART

Sudden Flame part 2
by ~hrymfaxe on deviantART

Комикс основан вот на этой зарисовке:Collapse )
Нужен ли кому-то перевод? Я могу сделать, хотя, имхо, этот текст интересен только в составе комикса.

Lady Susan - The Fair Ones

The Fair Ones
by *Lady-Susan on deviantART

Юные Финрод и Артанис в Амане. Комментарий автора:
"I imagined the palace of Finarfin in Tirion to have at least one of its windows facing the hill with the two trees of light, with a renaissance styled balcony.
I chose to have Galadriel wearing golds and whites as to make a connection to what she would wear in years to come, when she would be the Lady of Lothlorien. Finrod, I chose th clad in golds, brown and green as I wanted him to be more connected to nature, earth, mortality as he would be one of the elven princes the closest to the mortal kind.
I shaped the harp as a swan as a reminder of his Telerin heritage from his mother Earwen."